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Didactic trails

Didactic trails

"Brzozowica" Didactic Trail

It is a historic-natural trail about 1.5 km long, established in 2008. It refers to the events of both World Wars, as well as the area's natural value. Along the trail, there is a monument and a mound erected on the anniversary of the death of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, along the route of the 1st Brigade of the Polish Legions (1915), as well as a shrine commemorating the withdrawal of the fire threatening the village of Brzozowica, which struck as a result of German bombardments of the railway between Warsaw and Brześć in September 1939. The trail is marked.

Turów-Główne Didactic Trail

The trail is about 8 km long. It starts next to the railway station in Bedlno and runs through the forest, to the gamekeeper's cottage in the village of Główne. There are description tables along the trail, indicating the locations of natural elements.

Feliksówka Didactic Trail

About 4 km from Radzyń Podlaski, in the Olszewnica–Feliksówka forest complex, there is the "Feliksówka" didactic trail. The section of about 2km has 12 tables, which describe interesting elements of the forest ecosystem.

Kolembród Natural-Historic Didactic Trail

Starts near the County Regional Chamber, and ends on the so-called Górka (Heap) – excavation site for old sand mine. Along the trail we will visit e.g. the sanctuary of Our Lady of Kolembroda and the Sumierz forest, which hides the secrets of the local Uniates. There are information tables set up along the trail.


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