Noble Hospitality

Will move you to the Republic of the nobles. Many buildings have been preserved in the district that had once been owned by nobility and gentry (Branica Radzyńska, Białka, Bełcząc, Bezwola, Bojanówka, Borki, Przegaliny Duże, Sobole, Suchowola, Wola Osowińska, Żabików, Żelizna) as well as two baronial residences (Radzyń Podlaski and Czemierniki).

You can see them while taking a walk in Radzyń Podlaski or by going on a car trip around the district. During these trips, you can make use of e.g. two audio-guides, which you can download from our website. We also wish to encourage you to rent equipment to play the recordings for the urban trip (in Polish and English), purchasing a CD with the recorded guide around the district (in Polish), using information folders available in three languages (Polish, English and Russian), as well as the unique "Memorial diary of your trip in the Radzyń Land of Warmth". Feel free to visit the Cultural-Touristic Information Point, located in the Potocki Palace in Radzyń Podlaski!


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