Regional Products

In terms of the number of regional products included in the List of Traditional Products, the county of Kąkolewnica is predominant in Radzyń district.

The list includes:

  • Brzozowica Tertuny with lentil
  • Pierogi żakowolskie with roast potatoes
  • Pierogi zosinowskie with blueberries
  • Pyzy polskowolskie with meat
  • Pierogi lipniackie with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Pierogi olszewnickie with buckwheat
  • Pierogi turowskie with lentil
  • Racuchy turowskie
  • Parowańce brzozowickie with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Pączki żakowolskie with antonovka apple jam
  • Parowańce żakowolskie with lentil
  • Parowańce with millet porridge
  • Parowańce with cheese
  • Zawijaki wygnanowskie 


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