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Other events


    This competition is devoted to Marianna Bocian, who came from the village of Bełcząc near Radzyń Podlaski: poet, writer, philosopher and culture expert, who died in April 2003. It is intended for students of primary schools and gymnasia.
    The competition titled "A Red Rose for Her" is addressed to students and adults. It is dedicated to the poet Irena Golec, born in Turów.
    An interregional competition, whose major organizer is the Wacław Tuwalski Regional Society in Wola Osowińska. Literary workshops are organized during the competition, as well as a fair and folk art shows. 


Events of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society

  • Orienteering marches
    After receiving starting cards and maps with control-points pointed out, the participants of the march leave the courtyard of the Potocki palace. The major purpose is to reach ten control points located throughout Radzyń Podlaski. In three spots chosen by the organizer, the participants receive additional tasks – two agility disciplines and a multi-topic quiz. The teams have no more than 100 minutes to cover the entire track, which allows them to make it at a pace of a slow march.
  • Kazimierz Odrzygóźdź Memorial Rally of Radzyń Scouts 
    This event is addressed to children and youth, and its purpose is to commemorate the scouts executed during the 2nd World War. It is an open event that lasts two days and is included in the classification of Podlasie Touristic Championship in orienteering, during which the participants have to cover several kilometers of track with marked control points. At the end of the march, a touring contest is held for participants.
  • Kleeberg Pedestrian Rally
    The event is addressed to children and teenagers. This open event takes place in October. It commemorates the passage of General Franciszek Kleeberg's troops through the Tyśmienica River in late September and early October 1939.


Events promoting disappearing professions and skills:

  • One-day demonstrations of disappearing professions and skills (spring edition) - take place in June in Wola Osowińska. You can see such works as: linen processing using a brake, hackle, spinning on the spinning-wheel, works at a loom, embroidery.

  • One-day demonstrations of disappearing professions and skills (fall edition) - take place in October in Wola Osowińska. You can see such works as: cheese-making, butter making, baking podpłomyki (a kind of flat bread), work of coopers, potters, folk sculptors, blacksmiths, scythe-making, production of ropes out of straw, threshing with flails, or grain cleaning.

Events promoting tradition:

  • Meetings with Lent songs and tradition - this event, taking place in May, is organized by the County Center for Culture in Borki, seated in Wola Osowińska. During these meetings, a concert of Lent singing is organized, as well as a contest for the most beautiful Easter palm made the traditional way, and a competition combined with tasting traditional Lent and Easter food.

  • Meetings with wedding songs and tradition - these meetings in May are organized by the County Center for Culture in Borki, seated in Wola Osowińska. It is a folklore event, whose purpose is to remind and promote old wedding rituals.

  • Uhlan Hotch-potch - this event takes place in Stok (Ulan-Majorat county), and promotes and popularizes the folk culture of the Ulan-Majorat county. These meetings are organized in September by "Tradition" Singing Band. Numerous contests are held during the event. These are thematically related to the event's Polish name (Groch z Kapustą po Ułańsku - lit. Uhlan Peas and Cabbage): cabbage shredding, pea shelling, or peeling potatoes.

  • Strawberry Blossom Festival - this party, taking place in late May and early June in Turów, is organized by the Society for the Development of Turów. Performances by folk bands are organized during the Festival. After the performance, the bands and the guests take refreshments consisting of regional dishes.


Events promoting the tradition of country theater:

  • "Theater in Hurdles" - takes place in July in the village of Sitno (Borki county); the organizer is the County Center for Culture in Borki, seated in Wola Osowińska. This event is interregional, and its purpose is to present the artistic achievements of country theaters.

Events promoting regional dishes:

  • "Pierogi" Carnival Meetings organized in March by the County Center for Culture (GOK) in Kąkolewnica. During the event, a contest is organized for the tastiest pierogi (Polish dumplings) and carnival cake.

Other events:

  • "Kąkolewisko" cabaret meetings : This event takes place in October in GOK in Kąkolewnica, and is organized by the Voivodeship Center for Culture in Lublinie and the County Center for Culture in Kąkolewnica. The purpose of these meetings is to popularize cabaret arts, confront teams, and improve instructing and acting skills.

  • Meetings of Country Artists take place in October in GOK in Kąkolewnica. The event is aimed at perfecting the artists representing different counties of the Radzyń district and presenting their artistic achievements, such as: folk crafts, painting, sculpture.

  • Palm and Easter Egg Fair in the "Orangery" Gallery in the Radzyń Center for Culture and Recreation

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