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Palace in Żabików

Palace in Żabików

Thetown was part of the 16th-century wealth of Bartłomiej Kazanowski, district magistrate of Łuków, and later his son Jan – a recognized Arian activist who, according to sources, built a congregation here. At the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Kazanowski family built a single-storey defensive mansion here, probably the oldest such buildings in Podlasie. The front of the building was flanked with pentagonal puntone defense towers. West of the mansion, near the road to Radzyń, there is yet another part of the complex - a shrine once devoted to the cult of St. John.

The initial mansion was an example of contemporary Baroque, which can be explained with close contacts the owners had with the royal court. During the 18th century, the park surrounding the palace has been rearranged to the Baroque style, introducing e.g. garden parterres. From the beginning of the 19th century, to the 2nd World War, the manor was owned by the Ośniałowski family. It was when the top floor has been built, giving the house a more palace-like form. Also, a new road to Radzyń was laid (next to the shrine) planted with willows; this road was unavailable to common people, it served the manor exclusively.

In the 1880, the College of Agriculture was established in the palace. At the beginning of another century, the park was rearranged in such a way as to give it characteristics of a landscape park. Regular patterns of tree and bush planting were replaced with free planting. Around 1903, a statue of Our Lady has been put in the northern part of the complex, and surrounded with flowerbeds. At the brink of 2nd World War, the complex consisted of such buildings as: the palace, an administrator's building, an outbuilding, a palace kitchen, a coach house with stables, a granary, an icehouse, three quarters, a barn, and livestock buildings. After 1944 all outbuildings were demolished, and the previous interior of the palace destroyed. Some old trees as well as a pond were preserved in the park. The building is now seat of a primary school.


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