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The County of Radzyń

The County of Radzyń

The county of Radzyń is located in the northern part of Lublin Voivodeship. Radzyń Podlaski, the district capital, is the place where trunk roads no. 19 and 63 cross.
Radzyń Podlaski is about 70 km from the Polish-Belarusian border crossing in Sławatycze, 80 km north from Lublin and 150 km east from Warsaw.

The district lies at the on the border of two physical-geographical regions of Europe – the Western Europe (southern part of Południowopodlaska Lowlands – Łukowska Plain) and Eastern Europe (western part of Polesie – Zaklęsłość Łomaska).
The western part of the district (counties: Ulan-Majorat, Borki, Czemierniki, town of Radzyń Podlaski and parts of counties: Kąkolewnica and Radzyń Podlaski) lies within the Central Lowlands, where three physical-geographical mesoregions can be distinguished: Łukowska Plain and Lubartowska Highlands, separated by Wieprz Outwash Valley.

The eastern part of Radzyń district (entire counties of Wohyń and Komarówka Podlaska) belongs to Polesie and is located within two mesoregions: Zaklęsłość Łomaska and Parczewska Plain.

The district consists of 8 counties – the urban county of Radzyń Podlaski and rural counties: Borki, Czemierniki, Kąkolewnica, Komarówka Podlaska, Radzyń Podlaski, Ulan-Majorat, Wohyń. Radzyń district neighbors with the following districts: Łuków, Biała Podlaska, Parczew and Lubartów.

  • Area: 956.2 km2
  • Population: 62.238 people (as of 12/31/2006)
  • Population density: 66 people/km2

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