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Palace in Suchowola

Built in the years 1900-1903 according to the project by Franciszek Lilpop and Karol Jankowski, on request of duke Seweryn Czetwertyński – an outstanding national politician of the Second Republic, economist and social activist, founder of the local church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The free, irregular architecture of the palace is a reference to the structure of a country house and was an interesting example of English eclecticism. After the palace burned down following the last war, the only remainder is the original fireplace with the Czetwertyński emblem. A group of historic trees (19th century) in the surrounding park survived as well.

In its heyday, the residence in Suchowola had a working distillery. The beginnings of production date back to 1822. Its products were highly praised in the country and abroad (Jarzębiak, Żubrówka, Starka, Machandel, Wiśniówka, Cytrynówka, Pomarańczówka, Żołądkowa). The alcohols made here were served in restaurants of the European Hotel in Warsaw, which was co-owned by duke Czetwertyński.

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