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Palace in Branica Radzyńska

Palace in Branica Radzyńska

During the time of Maria Kątska, granddaughter of Stanisław Antoni Szczuka (died 1710), there was a manor house in Branica, which was the probable location of the Potocki suburban residence. It has been rebuilt in 1884 by Stanisław Szlubowski, justice of the peace in the Radzyń area. The T-shaped eclectic palace with a corner tower has been located on the North-South axis.

The main entrance is from the east. Szlubowski also rearranged the park, and expanded the outbuildings. During that time the land of Branica was an example of well-managed wealth. After the 2nd World War, the palace building and the park were assigned for schooling purposes, and that state is maintained to this day. The beautiful plafonds and fireplaces are the remainder of the palace's former interior design. 


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