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Manor House in Wola Osowińska

In the 16th and 17th century, the residence in Wola Osowińska was included in the enormous fortune of the Firlej family. In the 18th century, it was passed into the hands of the Czerski family. Due to high credit debt, the manor was put on public auction in 1870 and sold to Alfons Sierakowski, and then passed on into the hands of Aleksandr Makowski, insurgent of 1831, knight of the Golden Cross of Virtuti Militari. During the time of his son, Aleksander Kazimierz – a social worker and excellent landlord – the manor received national and international awards for progress in terms of agriculture, particularly gardening.

The age of the trees surrounding this 19th century ground-floor manor with a storey wing built in 1906 suggests that the park in its current shape has been established earlier (18th century). It is where the "Dewajtis" oak stands – a natural monument with the circumference of 5.5 m, whose age was estimated before the war at 450 years.

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